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creative agency business brain storm meeting presentation Team discussing roadmap to product launch, presentation, planning, strategy, new business development

Five building blocks your people need to successfully embrace organisational change

The emergence of new digital technologies, the changing nature of the workforce and even the effects of the pandemic have created new opportunities as well …

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panoramic shot of multicultural colleagues clapping and looking at each other

Building “resilience muscle” to thrive

Taking the opportunity to learn when we face times of change, challenge or even adversity in our working lives can differentiate how we manage to …

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Diverse group of businesspeople laughing together during a brainstorming session with sticky notes on a glass wall in a modern office

Four Key Characteristics Your People Need to Excel at Work

There are four essential building blocks that underpin a positive, high trust culture where collaboration, problem solving and great teamwork combine to drive innovation and …

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pexels-yan-krukov-8867439 copy

Six characteristics of high impact customer service communications

Having the confidence and ability to excel in our language and actions in everyday situations is a valuable skill and the key to achieving outstanding …

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Serious men and women sitting in a circle during group therapy, supporting each other.

Two Defining Steps to Support Transformational Change

The success of any transformational change programme is clearly contingent upon the engagement and buy-in from the people who will be a part of that …

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How to Get Buy-in to Training From Your Team

One of the most important aspects of a successful, long-lasting training programme lies in the ability of every learner to buy into the reasons behind …

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pexels-tima-miroshnichenko-6913197 crop

How to Effectively Embed Training into Team Culture

One thing we know is true here at MGI Learning, is that significant business metric improvements are born from effective training. We mean more than …

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Excited millennial Arabic businessman give high five to Caucasian male colleagues at meeting, smiling multiethnic businesspeople join hands celebrate business success in office, cooperation concept

How Are Your Team Thinking About Customers? 12 Questions To Ask…

If you lift the lid on your customer service team today, to listen to exactly what they think about the service they provide to your …

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Happy indian girl student wear headset study online with webcam teacher write notes, happy young woman listen lecture watch webinar on laptop sit at desk, distance e learn language education concept

The World Spins on Service – Thoughts From MGI Learning

Our training and proven approach to improving employee engagement, increasing customer satisfaction and building better teams is founded on the principle that “Everything you think, …

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Glad Sure Sorry creator screen cropped

Three Ways to Use Language to Improve Customer Collaboration

The goal of any customer service professional is to ensure their customer is happy and receives a positive outcome. Demonstrating that you want to make …

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Girl on Bench copy

The Four Vital Ingredients for Long-term Training Impact

As the future of training is changing from the dramatic world events of the last year, it’s a good time for leaders to embrace the …

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Smiling customer support operator with hands-free headset working in the office.

A Clear Pathway From ‘Not Coping’ to ‘Thriving’

Equipping your people with skills for optimum wellbeing, resilience and success in the workplace. As the UK’s workforce continues to navigate the opportunities and challenges …

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