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The Four Vital Ingredients for Long-term Training Impact

As the future of training is changing from the dramatic world events of the last year, it’s a good time for leaders to embrace the …

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Smiling customer support operator with hands-free headset working in the office.

A Clear Pathway From ‘Not Coping’ to ‘Thriving’

Equipping your people with skills for optimum wellbeing, resilience and success in the workplace. As the UK’s workforce continues to navigate the opportunities and challenges …

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The Winning Formula for a Thriving Customer Services Team

As we move forward into 2021 and beyond, there is a huge opportunity to positively transform experiences for our people and customers. Customer services professionals …

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Mature Businessman Wearing Telephone Headset Talking To Caller In Customer Services Department

Building strong customer relationships – acknowledging feedback in the right way

As we move through 2021, there is a clear opportunity to transform the way organisations provide service to their customers. Customer service leaders across all …

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The Ace Up Your Sleeve – “What I Can Do Is…”

Why it’s vitally important your Customer Service teams are well equipped to handle situations when they don’t know the answer straightaway. Having appropriate language and …

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The Power of an Optimal Mindset

Our mindset is at the heart of everything we think, feel, say and do and impacts every aspect of our personal and working lives.  It’s …

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MGI Learning

Taken: 29th August 2019

Picture by: Stuart Bailey

Instagram: @StuBaileyPhoto
Twitter: @StuBaileyPhoto

Building Stronger Relationships in the Workplace

“Coming together is the beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success.” Henry Ford When talented people with shared ambitions and a strong sense …

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How to Prepare Your People to Thrive Through Change

Organisational change can impact expectations, ways of working, policy, systems and process. So how can you ensure your people are well equipped to effectively handle …

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Group of diverse employees concentrated on idea during meeting in office, African American men worker in formal wear writing information on sticky note while brainstorming together with colleagues

Equipping Your People to Return to Work With 100% Commitment

The impending return to the workplace will present a mixed bag of emotions across the UK’s workforce, as well as unprecedented challenges for leaders looking …

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Driving Positive Change for Long Term Success and Employee Resilience and Wellbeing

Much has been written over recent months about new and emerging values, lessons learned and an increasing move towards a more holistic and rewarding approach …

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10 Reasons to Use Virtual Training to Help Your Teams Thrive in 2021

Over the last year, our customers have continued to offer training and development to their people in innovative ways. Those committed to supporting their teams …

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Focused young african businessman wear headphones study online watching webinar podcast on laptop listening learning education course conference calling make notes sit at work desk, elearning concept

Using Training During Furlough to Equip Your People for Recovery

A golden opportunity exists to use the valuable time between now and the end of the furlough scheme to upskill, cross skill or reskill furloughed team …

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