Resilience & Wellbeing

Are you wondering how to help your people to be as resilient as possible during this time?
Is helping them to manage their health and wellbeing and remain actively involved in your organisation on your mind?
What impact has the current environment had on your people’s productivity and sense of purpose?​

Helping your people to shine whatever comes their way …

Resilience and wellbeing are such hot topics at the moment. 
The opportunity now is to help people to look forward as well as manage the immediate challenges they are facing. Being able to see how life might be and building hope and optimism will be central to how we lead people and equip them for the future. The MGI Learning Toolkits help your people to increase their resilience by developing strategies for coping with everything that comes their way at work and at home. It gives them tools to find options, alternatives and strategies to keep moving forward.

Building resilience and wellbeing

How well you manage major change initiatives and equip your people with the ability to cope and even flourish during any change will differentiate your organisation and bolster your likelihood of success. Being highly capable at managing change will help you to be agile and flexible and successfully navigate through any challenges ahead.

By using the MGI Learning Resilience & Wellbeing Toolkit, people develop a better ability to manage the incredible demands that exist in the current working environment. Whether these demands are due to being on the frontline, managing frontline teams, working remotely for the first time or even having time away from work, everyone is encountering new circumstances. 

The Toolkit helps people to develop:



The Toolkit gives an easy to use and structured process that gives people a roadmap they can rely on to manage their wellbeing. It also pulls organisations and teams together with a common language of collaboration and co-operation and better outcomes for all. The result is that each person is emotionally stronger and collectively your teams shine.

Give your people the tools to bounce back and thrive


Managing wellbeing at this time is accepted as an important way to begin to bounce back after the coronavirus crisis. Today’s uncertainty can lead to future opportunity and growth. The key aspects of resilience help us to rise to any challenges that come our way. We hear from our customers that they are just beginning to be able to contemplate how they will move forwards toward recovery. There is a view that some of the greatest challenges are yet to come as we adjust to new ways of working in a workplace that will continue to experience unprecedented levels of change for the foreseeable future. 

MGI Learning’s Toolkit enables people to be focused on goals, keep moving forward, manage adversity and uncertainty and take pride in what is achieved. Our in-depth, proven Learning Journeys which all participants complete mean that you can be sure any investment you make will deliver benefits to support your team now and give you firm foundations for the future.

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