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About Basware

Basware provides cloud-based business services in 14 countries and employs over 1,300 people. The company is proud to embrace change, enable innovation, and encourage everyday learning so everyone can make a difference in a global culture of collaboration and respect. 

The company wants its people to take responsibility, drive initiatives with passion and celebrate success while continuously improving their skills.

“Our people are really valuing the overall training experience - we are seeing great engagement with the training and follow-up embedding activities. Other parts of the organisation are noticing the difference in our positive mindset and communication and are eager to jump in as well.”
Lauri Siljamaki
Former VP, Central Professional Services, Basware
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Driving a strong, customer-centric focus

Basware’s customised customer solutions require a high level of technical expertise. Customer delivery and support requires the same level of excellent capability due to the complexity of the solution alongside in-depth technical knowledge and smooth collaboration between different product teams. Basware sought customer feedback to ensure customer satisfaction and identified a need for less scripted, easier-to-understand communications, and realised that internal communications could also be improved.

Lauri Siljamaki, former VP of Central Professional Services, wanted to strengthen the ‘people’ aspect of customer service by providing additional tools to help with communication and overall mindset to deliver a great customer experience and complement the teams’ excellent technical capability. From previous experience Lauri knew MGI’s expertise in customer service excellence training could inspire cultural and individual changes across the global customer support network.

“MGI’s style of learning is key. It’s not just about communication – ‘If this happens, say that’ – it’s about focusing on the mindset first; how you change the thinking and the style of communication, and then provide the tools to do it appropriately. This combination works magically in an organisation, especially in Basware where we have staff based around the world. Having the right mindset encourages everyone to think for themselves while following similar strategies for consistency and success.”
Lauri Siljamaki
Former VP, Central Professional Services, Basware
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The Together For Customers programme

MGI worked with Basware to implement the Together for Customers programme based on our Mindset, Language & Actions Toolkit, tailored to Basware’s goals and objectives for delivery across the Central Professional Services and Support team. Participants join the training from Romania, Finland, the UK, India, Australia and the USA.

The ongoing programme is delivered via virtual in-person training sessions with an MGI consultant, followed by engaging Learning Journeys via our interactive online learning platform which embed the skills over a 6-month period. 

Participants attend manager-led ‘huddles’ to complete tasks, discuss and further embed their learning. The MGI consultant delivers regular Implementation Support sessions to Basware’s highly capable managers who show an exceptional level of commitment and engagement with the programme.

Our work with Basware is ongoing as we equip people in different departments with the tools and resources needed to deliver an accessible, proactive, and easy customer experience. The Together for Customers programme is producing noticeable and valued improvements. Customer feedback is changing – more customers are noticing that the company’s overall communication style is clearer and more focused; Basware people are communicating more positively with customers across service and delivery, and outcomes are improving significantly.

Word is spreading across Basware’s global network that internal and external communications are changing, bringing teams closer for optimal output and customer satisfaction. Other departments yet to receive training recognise the benefits of an Optimal Mindset and positive communication skills and are eager to join the initiative so they, too, can make a difference and deliver ‘customer happiness’.

Read the full Case Study here.

“The combination of MGI’s mindset and communication tools creates a cycle of continuous improvement because it reinforces how the mindset is developed to become stronger and stronger, increasing our confidence to communicate with our customers in a positive way.”
Lauri Siljamaki
Former VP, Central Professional Services, Basware

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