Thriving Through Transformational Change

Are your people equipped to thrive and shine through change? Are you confident you can maintain or even grow employee engagement and a culture of high trust during this period? 

Helping your people to thrive no matter what comes their way …

Positively and productively managing the unprecedented demands on organisations and their people to change the way they work requires a structured and engaging process. MGI Learning’s Transformational Change Toolkit equips leaders with the ability to create a specific and straightforward roadmap through any change. The toolkit also equips everyone in an organisation or team with the self-management and behavioural capability to cope with whatever demands change brings.

Building resilience and wellbeing

How well you manage major change initiatives and equip your people with the ability to cope and even shine during the change, will differentiate your organisation and bolster your likelihood of success. Being highly capable at managing change will help to navigate through the current uncertainty and challenges. Keeping people really motivated and engaged during this time is absolutely possible by using MGI’s proven change process which underpins and orchestrates a successful outcome, no matter what the change is. It equips people with a roadmap and the core behavioural skills that enable them to:
In summary, the MGI Learning Transformational Change Toolkit gives you a proven framework for managing the change process and ensure changes are embedded and sustained as well as equipping people with practical and empowering strategies for managing themselves and their communication through the change itself.

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MGI Learning's Transformational Change Toolkit

The Toolkit is based on our proven blueprint for embedded learning A+B=C which is tailored and focused on the change outcomes that you want to achieve. We start the process by identifying with you the measurable outcomes that you need. These can include wellbeing outcomes, behavioural outcomes or more traditional outcomes such as customer satisfaction, employee engagement, productivity and financial results. Working back from these outcomes, we establish the change programme. Typically it will start by equipping people with additional tools and skills to develop their ability to:
  • Self-manage emotions and behaviour
  • Develop an Optimal Mindset focused on solutions
  • Work collaboratively to establish objectives and goals when working with others
  • Constructively question others for a win/win outcome
  • Communicate in a positive, constructive, appreciative and empathetic way
This is followed by an in-depth embedding process that supports whatever change you are looking to implement. Our unique 9 point embedding wheel has been adapted to work to support any change programme and will give a clear roadmap that works at the organisational, team and individual level to firmly and deeply establish new ways of working.