Tactics to Improve Productivity and Make Better Use of Your Time

Helping people thrive in organisations, even when they are extremely busy, can certainly contribute to a positive, engaged culture. Our ongoing conversations with customers, managers and people in general often reveals a significant sense of overwhelm, with teams frequently feeling there is too much to do in a working day. Worrying about things that are beyond our control and influence, whether in the short or long-term, simply adds to the pressure and can draw people into a cycle of unproductive conversations or activities.

We see many individuals and managers in organisations who clearly want to thrive and instead are working hard to stay afloat. Soundly proven critical evaluation tools can increase productivity and alleviate pressure by providing clarity, allowing us to focus on what we can control and influence rather than wasting valuable time and energy on things outside of our control.

Encouraging your teams to ask themselves seven simple questions in challenging situations provides an excellent foundation for increasing productivity and prioritisation, which boosts resilience and wellbeing. Download our thought-provoking guide today for full details.

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