Seven Characteristics of a Successful eLearning Experience

Taking advantage of the many benefits of eLearning or blended learning in busy operational environments can ensure your team are able to fit learning into their day-to-day activities. The demands of these roles can result in people saying they are too busy or have insufficient time to spend time away from their job doing training. Taking part in well-constructed eLearning or blended learning, in which participants access a comprehensive and engaging Learning Journey in modules, can result in positive learning experiences that lead to improvements in customer service and other key business metrics.

Learning experiences that can be integrated into and around daily activities while making good use of time help address a key challenge of having the time and operational capacity to release people for learning. For many training interventions, in-person events or workshops are optimal; however, as technology advances, eLearning can address learning needs in an increasing number of situations. In choosing to use eLearning or blended learning solutions and to ensure the learning outcomes will be achieved, there are some important considerations.

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