Taking control of your mindset during lockdown

Taking control of your mindset during lockdown

Taking control of your mindset during lockdown

Taking control of your mindset during lockdown


Taking control of your mindset during lockdown

24 June, 2020

Resilience & Wellbeing

MGI Learning was founded on the principle pioneered by Mary Gober …

“Everything you think, feel, say and do, is either a service or a disservice to yourself and everyone around you” – Mary Gober.

Thinking about this quotation and how you can use it in challenging times like these, when we are all under continued pressure and restricted in our daily lives, can help to keep us on track. It helps us to focus on our thoughts, feelings, language and behaviour and understand how they influence ourselves and those around us.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, the quotation has power. Perhaps you are in a stay at home household juggling the demands of working from home and homeschooling or on the frontline still working in the community. You might be on furlough, helping those who are shielding or away from work managing the uncertainty of the future. For all of these scenarios, this quote can be very effective.

The mindset Influence on ourselves and others

What we think and feel – our mindset – is shown to others by what we say and do. Concentrating on maintaining a positive, optimistic mindset rather than perhaps allowing ourselves to focus on the negatives around us, can lead us to speak and behave in a more constructive, appreciative and empathetic way. When we speak more positively, those around us benefit and the responses or reactions we get from them are more likely to be positive too. This, in turn, reinforces our positive mindset – what we think and feel – and gives us a boost.

This cycle of optimism and positivity encourages us to keep growing that optimum way of thinking.

So now let’s imagine the opposite…

If what we think and feel is fuelled by a pessimistic outlook, where we listen to only the negatives around us and do not seek out opportunities to be grateful, we are more likely to display this negative view to others. We can then draw others into negativity with us and the reactions we get from them could well be negative too. Their cynical responses can reinforce our more negative thinking creating a downward spiral which is not helpful and can lead to more challenging situations at home or work.

By keeping a tight and regular check on our mindset, we can control this cycle of thinking and feeling, saying and doing.

By consciously making what we say and do reflect our mindset as positive, constructive, empathetic or appreciative, we are doing a great service to ourselves and others.

We know from our work around the world that our clients find using this quote to guide them at home has had a beneficial effect on relationships and home life. They use it to keep on track and as a firm reminder that the impact of what we say and do is on ourselves, as well as everyone around us.

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