Customer service training to excel in the ever changing landscape

Are your customer facing teams properly equipped to deliver repeatable, engaging and high quality experiences in this ever changing landscape?
Help your customer service teams reduce the pressure of dealing with customer demands.
Increase your confidence with customer interactions ensuring they are always positive and solution focused.
Deliver disappointing news or say 'no' to customers and still retain a highly positive outcome and relationship.
Learn tools to build better relationships and drive improvements in your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Equipping your customer service teams with the ability and skills to handle anything that comes their way is essential to safeguard your reputation, profitability and to keep your team motivation high. 

There is a way to make sure your people are able to deliver exceptional levels of customer satisfaction even in the current challenging environment and to rise above the excuses and caveats that have recently become commonplace.

Hear how Australia Post has implemented this training to create a strong customer service culture

MGI Learning’s customer service training, created by Mary Gober, expert in the field of customer satisfaction, employee engagement and individual productivity, is proven to deliver improvements in key business metrics.  Based on sound psychological principles and delivered in engaging easy to adopt tools, the training is customised specifically for you so you can be sure that this training really sticks.   

Your teams will become more confident to:

Hear how Qantas achieved excellence in customer service

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