Five steps to a compelling customer service wrap up

Five steps to a compelling customer service wrap up

Five steps to a compelling customer service wrap up

4 October, 2021

Customer Service Excellence

As Customer Service professionals, we can acknowledge the importance of delivering a clear and specific wrap up to every service interaction so that we inspire confidence and certainty in our customers and colleagues in our ability to deliver a timely and satisfying outcome.  If we take a moment to step back and reflect on some of our recent conversations with an honest and critical eye, how many times would we say our wrap ups could have been better. Perhaps on reflection they were a little rushed, perhaps lacking in real clarity which is  far from ideal. How helpful could it be to have a reliable, structured process to follow to help us achieve consistently positive outcomes as a matter of course?

Watertight and crystal clear

Thinking back to the close of your last Customer Service conversation, can you put hand on heart and say, with certainty, that the customer was crystal clear about next steps and specific timings, exactly who would be involved, that the customer been given the opportunity to voice any other concerns or issues and knew exactly who to contact should further assistance be necessary?  Were they sure their query had been taken seriously, and had they come away from the call feeling confident you were committed to doing what you said you would do, and crucially, would they have felt valued and listened to?

Easy to reference and implement

Here at MGI we recommend our highly effective 5-step Wrap Up process within our Mindset, Language and Actions Toolkit which is characteristically easy to reference and use and brings together the key elements of a confident and personalised close to every interaction.  In our last blog, we looked closely at one aspect of this Wrap Up – the simple yet effective “Anything else?” question that adds masses of value to the customer experience when used with sincerity in the right context and circumstance.  Now, let’s take a few moments to drill down further and consider the power of a truly cohesive Wrap Up process in its entirety, when the relevant elements of the Toolkit align to produce outstanding and memorable outcomes. 

  • Step 1 – What happens next, and when

This is where we discuss and summarise what is going to happen next using specific time frames which should be as precise as possible.  Using clear and easy to understand timings ensures that everyone can be certain we are going to complete an action or advise exactly what we have done to progress the situation.  Instead of using vague statements such as “I’ll get back to you” or “I’ll call you later”, it’s much better to say “It’s 11am now, so I’ll call you by 1pm latest and give you an update”.  It’s reassuring and builds trust, allowing everyone to prioritise more easily while ensuring both parties take ownership and responsibility for the service experience.

  • Step 2 – Reach agreement and acceptance of what happens next

When we ask for acceptance or satisfaction at the end of the conversation, we demonstrate a commitment to delivering excellent service and that we are doing our best to work together to get it right first time.  Any confusions or dissatisfactions from the customer can be rectified or solutions offered immediately.  It can also be viewed as a verbal handshake which signals that the other person can do what you have asked them to do in step 1, if relevant.

  • Step 3 – The simple yet effective ‘Anything else?’ question

Asking “Is there anything else I can do or help with?” is a simple question that adds masses of value as it demonstrates several important things.  It shows we are taking ownership and responsibility and reminds others of any missing actions or items they may wish to discuss with us while clearly underpinning our commitment to help.  The key to making the question relevant and successful lies in the sincerity and context within which it is used, and how naturally and effectively the sentiment of wanting to ensure maximum customer satisfaction is woven into the conversation.

  • Step 4 – Exchange of contact details and team endorsement

It’s important the other person knows the best way to get hold of us, and who else to contact on the team if we’re not around.  It’s another way of taking ownership and responsibility in a truly committed way, while ensuring the customer has optimism that if we are not available, someone else on the team will be able to access all information readily and will therefore be able to assist and continue to progress the situation in a timely manner.

  • Step 5 – Personalise your close

Your closing words should clearly reflect that you have listened to and fully understood your customer or colleague’s concerns or issues and the impact.  It adds a personal touch and could be referencing back to how important the outcome is for them, recognising any collaboration or time given by others involved in the situation, or gratitude for an order placed.  This should always be done in a sincere and respectful way to provide a memorable end to the conversation.

Increased net promotor scores and customer satisfaction metrics

A positive and impactful Wrap Up that’s sincere and confidently delivered manages the customer or colleague’s expectations, is reassuring and provides certainty that all questions and options are being dealt with in the most effective way possible.  The benefits in terms of increased productivity and the customer’s assessment of you as a service provider are significant and will impact on your company’s reputation alongside increased net promotor scores and customer satisfaction metrics. 

More effective collaboration and increased productivity

Also, as a minimum steps 1 – 3 of the Wrap Up can be hugely beneficial when applied across internal meetings and interactions with colleagues, too – providing clarity and specific time frames which enable more effective collaboration and increased productivity.  Just imagine how your own reputation and efficiency could soar with the simple implementation of a concise, disciplined and impactful Wrap Up at the close of each internal meeting.

Equipping your Customer Service teams with the necessary skills and resources to bring together every aspect of MGI’s unique Mindset, Language and Actions Toolkit and finalise their service in a capable, confident and positive way will enable everyone to excel and produce efficient, successful outcomes for their customers and colleagues every time, with the many benefits that brings to the organisation.

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