Training Solutions

Powerful, proven, and engaging training programmes to equip employees to deliver exceptional customer experiences, adapt to change, improve personal effectiveness, and build resilience

Proven psychology-based training to enhance capability, confidence and performance

We provide inspiring people skills training programmes that drive significant improvements in confidence, capability and performance, equipping people with excellent communication skills and the ability to build strong and collaborative relationships.

We understand that being absolutely certain that any externally provided training you commission for your people will deliver measurable improvements in performance is the foundation for any business case to invest.  That’s why each of our training solutions is delivered through our embedded learning blueprint and designed to significantly increase retention so that your people can easily use and master new skills. The content of our training programmes is always based on sound psychological principles and empirical studies and is rooted in science, so we know and can prove it works.

Our powerful learning courses and experiences are practical, attainable and relatable, and we have been able to prove a direct link between the use of the tools from our Mindset, Language & Actions Toolkit and significant metric improvements.

We specialise in training programmes in the following areas:

Our focus is to help you ensure your customer services teams excel in everything they do when engaging with customers by empowering them with the skills and confidence to handle every service situation in a positive, solution-focused way.  Our Learning Journeys equip everyone with the customer service skills to succeed as they consistently demonstrate ownership of and responsibility for their roles, enabling them to help customers and build effective, high trust relationships, even when they need to give disappointing news or say ‘no’.  Your people can become much more customer-centric in everything they think, feel, say and do with a solution-oriented mindset.

With increasing demands from customers there’s a greater need for empathy in customer service provision to ensure customers feel valued, respected and listened to, as you focus on finding solutions and a way forward.  It’s more important than ever to have a deeper understanding of striking the right balance between the ‘people’ and ‘technical’ aspects of service.  Providing clarity around all levels of customer engagement and a clear pathway forward even when there is uncertainty will differentiate and elevate the service you provide.

MGI Learning Toolkits, created by Mary Gober, expert in the field of customer service and employee engagement, help to ensure a balance between the People and Technical aspects of service – resulting in an outstanding customer experience based on trust, reliability and consistency.

With over twenty years’ experience of providing customer service excellence and business relationship skills training, we understand why organisations with superb products and services may still face challenges in achieving their full potential.  More often than not, it comes down to the way people work together and how they build and maintain relationships with customers and each other.  With a myriad of new pressures and challenges within today’s working environment such as increased volumes of work due to higher demand and more complex enquiries, giving people the tools to cope and ultimately thrive no matter what comes their way will help them to remain calm, motivated and engaged.

When an organisation is embarking on any transformational change programme, be it large or small, it’s essential to equip your people with foundation skills to help them embrace the change more openly and positively.  If they have a strong sense of self-awareness and self-management of themselves, you can help them develop an optimistic viewpoint and engage their motivation for change, clearly showing that each person has a positive and valued role to play.  The difference of a truly successful change programme becomes really clear when people are able to communicate an optimal change mindset to others through what they say and do, building a solid bedrock of positive, solution-focused and empathetic communication for all, and accelerating everyone’s ability to embrace and adapt positively to change together.

In any change programme, it’s important to ensure your people feel listened to and valued, secure in the knowledge they are moving forwards and towards positive outcomes together rather than away from what they were used to in the past.  How change is phrased and presented by leadership can make all the difference, and the most successful programmes will clearly demonstrate the benefits and positives of this change to people first, as well as what they can be grateful for, emphasising they have the ability to choose to work together to forge a stronger and better future.

In essence, helping people to thrive through change and whatever comes their way at work is putting in place a solid basis for them to have an optimal mindset and the ability to communicate that mindset to others, building through to a strong foundation and culture.

Balancing the right level of purpose, challenge and support is key to ensuring a highly motivated, healthy and tightly knit workforce, bonded by culture and a shared sense of responsibility.  In order to achieve this, it’s important for leaders to recognise there needs to be both strategy and resources in place to ensure a sense of belonging and feeling valued.  The inclusion of wellbeing and employee assistance programmes can underpin a healthy and flexible mindset and enable every member of the team to rise up to cope with anything that comes their way at work.  People who are equipped with personal development tools, a strong sense of purpose and a consistently supportive environment will have the confidence and capability to be resilient, empowered and motivated.

Wherever your people are or have been in the aftermath of recent and ongoing global challenges, our goal is to equip them to be confident and thriving as swiftly as possible.  MGI’s Toolkits enable them to self-assess, self-manage and respond positively and in a really strong, solution-focused way so that they are better equipped to find a way forward in the face of any challenge.  As your people become stronger and more resilient, they will gain a natural and intrinsic ability to thrive within the workplace and strive to ensure the same for everyone around them.  Creativity and optimism will be the foundation upon which everyone is able to embrace new challenges as individuals and team players, ensuring success and better outcomes at every level.

We have transformed organisations around the world for over twenty years, building collaborative, co-creative, positive and high trust cultures, and know that investing in building trust throughout your organisation will reap rewards.  Within any organisation, culture is played out by what people say and do every day; observing how they behave with and speak to each other, their customers and suppliers gives you a great barometer for the level of positivity and trust within the organisation.

We see organisations facing the same strategic and cultural challenges again and again, with poor relationships often lying at the heart of the issue.  When we investigate the root cause of relationship breakdown, we find a deeply rooted network of distrust across all levels of the organisation, and even beyond into the customer base.  We find undercurrents of negativity, low satisfaction or silos of cynicism that business leaders struggle to eradicate.  Low levels of trust result in wasted time, inferior productivity levels and a resulting impact on the bottom line.

Developing excellent levels of collaboration, co-creation and co-operation are an essential step to creating a positive culture based on high trust.  In such an environment, people believe that everyone can be relied on to do what they say they will do while working productively towards a clearly laid out vision with a set of common goals.  Creating and maintaining a hight trust culture requires the entire team to have a mindset of ownership and responsibility, optimism, respect for each other and a strong belief that they really make a difference.

Great collaboration between team players is absolutely key to the success of your organisation.  It’s about people really working well together and being top of their game, displaying a flow and synergy that’s undeniably powerful and impactful.  When a team pulls together and thrives, problems get solved more quickly and barriers can be blasted through as people are engaged, motivated and have a real sense of purpose and achievement.  Empowering every member of the team with the tools and skills to give them absolute certainty they can take full ownership and responsibility for their roles also provides a key element to overall success – the rock-solid knowledge that they have full trust in each other to do a superb job, all of the time.  This feeds back to the importance of everyone feeling safe and secure in the knowledge that they are working within a high trust culture.

The ultimate goal is achieving the power of effective collaboration and teamwork, leading to optimum productivity which can only happen when people have the confidence and capability to be self-aware which logically flows through to positive communication, respect for others’ views and an underpinning belief that I really do make a difference.  This is when the magic happens – problems, barriers and obstacles are seen as opportunities to improve and your people are able to respond to any situation that comes their way in a constructive, solution-focused way.  The benefits are manifold; problems are solved more quickly, teamworking continues to improve alongside customer service and communications, and all of these elements come together to create a hugely positive shift in productivity and outcomes.

Our powerful self-awareness and self-management tools help people to assess their emotional behavioural position so that they can steer clear of negative situations and move more readily towards positives. Our tools help people to step back, take a pause and calmly assess a situation so that they can consider the best options, solutions and alternatives.  They are also able to assess whether others are feeling positive or negative through a firm foundation of simple, powerful and effective tools. Having the clearest possible understanding of what makes a colleague tick in a positive and helpful way builds into that all important high trust culture, broadening out and deepening your understanding of others as well as yourself.

Our management programme is tailored to each organisation.  It defines and develops an optimal mindset in leaders, increasing your self-management and self-awareness while deepening your understanding of yourself and others.  This increases your ability to use positive and influential communication and fully develop and hone your collaboration, prioritisation and co-creation skills.

Training that delivers improved personal effectiveness
and productivity

Your people will graduate from this programme with the confidence in their ability to work in a highly productive and empowered way with their colleagues, customers and other stakeholders.  As they develop these positive, higher trust relationships, inter-departmental competitiveness and potential conflict will reduce to make way for more productive working environments where people feel comfortable either to support or to constructively challenge each other when the need arises.  People will be happy to put in more discretionary effort and display a strong collective desire to work as a team to solve issues and celebrate wins together.  When employee engagement is higher, productivity increases and, ultimately, quantitative and qualitative organisational metrics improve.

Our experience shows that when team members are engaged, challenges are faced head on, problems are solved, customers are satisfied, productivity increases and engagement metrics rise – people will feel valued and secure in the knowledge that they have a significant role to play.  This is the definition of a positive, high trust culture being played out, and is the goal for anyone wishing to implement a successful, productive and thriving workplace. 

When you train your team members in MGI’s Mindset, Language & Actions of Toolkit, you will strengthen their capability to build strong, positive relationships by giving them confidence that they can always provide a way forward or options and alternatives, equipping them with the self-management and communication skills to enhance their performance, however demanding the environment. 
You can also protect relationships throughout your organisation by equipping your people with powerful and practical ways of working together and in different ways – the impact can be dramatic, giving everyone the ability to thrive in their roles, be more productive and enhance performance and business results.

Our Training & Toolkit

Our proven tools are delivered through our Learning Journeys and easy to adopt embedding strategies and will give your people the ability to have more insight into how they work and how best to work with others. The tools also empower everyone in your organisation to communicate in a more collaborative and constructive way and ultimately build a more productive and effective positive, high trust culture. These co-creative relationships drive innovation and high levels of employee engagement, customer satisfaction and productivity and give you a competitive edge.

You can be completely confident that the in-depth, proven Learning Journey your team will complete. Our Learning Journeys draw on MGI’s proven capability in embedding learning and the expertise of our specialists who are leaders in their field. This transformational learning is achieved through carefully crafted exercises facilitated by an MGI Learning consultant in person or online, and supplemented with independent and team activities, online refresher content and motivating assessments and quizzes all designed to maximise and embed the use of the new tools.

The Learning Journey presents a raft of self-assessment and self-awareness tools allowing learners to pause, calmly take stock and identify and learn to manage their negative triggers and positive boosters. These powerful yet easily accessible tools ensure learners are equipped to rise to future challenges and expertly manage their emotions and responses. The emphasis is also on pausing to acknowledge and celebrate successes and build on them for the future, thereby increasing resilience and stamina.

Key information:

MGI’s Mindset, Language and Actions Toolkit provides building blocks for a firm foundation, equipping your people with an invaluable skillset of tools and resources they can infuse across every aspect of their daily working lives.

We start by defining and developing a healthy, Optimal Mindset that drives your motivation to succeed.  This opens the doorway to a powerful understanding of self-awareness and the ability to self-manage, so that you will always respond calmly and professionally rather than react in an emotional and potentially damaging way.  We then deepen this appreciation of ourselves and how we operate in relation to understanding others so that we can build truly meaningful, respectful and impactful relationships.  This is followed up with a deep immersion into the benefits of always having positive, influential conversations via the ability to use language in a way that encourages collaborative, highly productive communication.  This naturally leads through to a consistent and confident ability to fully collaborate, prioritise and co-create with colleagues and fellow team members.

MGI’s proven learning solutions will strengthen your team’s capability to build strong relationships with each other and your customers, equipping them with powerful and practical ways of working together, managing new demands and challenges and working in different and more innovative ways.  The impact of these hugely improved relationships is dramatic, giving everyone the ability to thrive in their roles, be more productive and embrace anything that comes their way at work with confidence.

For complete flexibility and the option of instant, on-demand virtual training programmes, we have taken our extensive experience in delivering proven learning experiences around the world and created a highly engaging and effective digital learning experience in addition to our face to face, in person programmes.

MGI online courses are available on MGI’s own Learning Management System and are also easily portable to sit on in-house LMSs.  The learning can be accessed any time anywhere, allowing it to be undertaken around other operational priorities at a moment’s notice.

Our in-depth, proven Learning Journeys are inspiring and provide interactive, meaningful experiences whether delivered in person in a training venue or at customer premises, or virtually over Zoom or Teams.

It is our job as leaders to equip our people to handle whatever comes their way, and eLearning programmes are a vital tool for managers looking for rapid and effective training solutions that will really impact positively on their teams.  MGI’s powerful and practical eLearning experiences are readily accessible to all whether your people are continuing to work remotely or are office or retail based.

Our highly engaging and easy to follow eLearning courses are based on our proven Mindset, Language and Actions Toolkit and will equip your people to:

  • Critically evaluate situations and come up with options, alternatives and solutions
  • Develop an optimal mindset of ownership, responsibility and optimism
  • Work collaboratively, find solutions and problem solve with others, including in remote or blended working teams
  • Deliver exceptional levels of customer satisfaction through positive solution focused communication
  • Manage their own wellbeing, emotions and responses to the challenges they face at work, and take action
  • Avoid becoming overwhelmed, say no and constructively challenge where appropriate

Our eLearning programme is easy to roll out to your people

Our proven Mindset, Language and Actions Toolkit, developed by Mary Gober, an expert in employee engagement and customer service, is the bedrock of our engaging eLearning programme.  It’s easy to roll out to teams of any size – simply purchase the number of licenses you need.

  • Suitable for individuals or entire teams
  • Can be accessed anytime, anywhere
  • Results-driven and fully measurable
  • Highly engaging and virtually interactive Learning Journeys
  • Short modules of content with video based teach
  • Designed to build confidence as the learner progresses
  • Delivers practical tools for everyday use and support
  • Optional group and team activities to bring the training to life

There are many additional benefits of learning online:

  • Content is available for repeat viewing, with a quick reminder of what was covered including videos broking into bite-sized reminders
  • Digital learning provides you with a rich source of data via easy to understand reports which allow you to see everyone’s progress
  • Learning experiences are all in one place, whether hosted on our LMS or your own – everyone’s learning sits in one central place and people will be able to see at a glance their full learning experience
  • Building engagement and collaboration, managers can send messages directly to team members, set up group chats, share successes and motivate and encourage all to take part
  • Cost effective by saving expensive venue and travel costs

Making skills stick - Our Embedded Learning Blueprint

MGI’s training works due to our winning formula for making the skills stick: A + B = C.  It’s a proven formula for success and has been honed and perfected over the last 21 years across a multitude of organisations around the world and will ensure that the training initiative you invest in will deliver the measurable results you want with long lasting momentum and effect. 

Our unique Embedded Learning Blueprint encompasses the change outcomes you want to achieve and is presented as a Plan on a Page which details every aspect of your learning programme, the embedding process and the measurable results and outcomes.  By systematically working through the Plan on a Page while building momentum and positive engagement to make full use of the tools taught, we can be sure that results will follow.

At the beginning of the process, we work with you to identify the measurable outcomes you need.  These can include traditional outcomes such as customer satisfaction, employee engagement, productivity and financial results, as well as wellbeing and behavioural outcomes.  From there we establish a tailored positive change programme which will start by equipping people with additional tools and skills to develop their ability to:

  • Self-manage emotions and behaviour
  • Develop an Optimal Mindset focused on solutions
  • Work collaboratively to establish objectives and goals when working with others
  • Constructively question others for a win / win outcome
  • Communicate in a positive, constructive, appreciative and empathetic way

This is underpinned by a powerful embedding process that supports the change you are looking to implement, based upon our unique 9-point embedding wheel which gives a clear roadmap that works at the organisational, team and individual level to firmly establish new ways of working.

How our training programmes have helped other organisations