Driving positive change for long term success and employee resilience and wellbeing

Driving positive change for long term success and employee resilience and wellbeing

Driving positive change for long term success and employee resilience and wellbeing

Much has been written over recent months about new and emerging values, lessons learned and an increasing move towards a more holistic and rewarding approach to our daily and working lives.  Priorities have been reset, our emphasis has changed and many of us have been compelled to re-evaluate the things that matter most.  To a certain extent, lockdown and the enforced pause on normal life has been an awakening for many of us, leading to a re-emergence from a long period of reflection, a desire for change and a much more hopeful and worthwhile renewal, especially in the workplace – and always with wellbeing at its heart.

One thing we’ve all learned to appreciate is the subtle power of teamwork and community – of looking out for each other and doing our best to make life better, sometimes in the smallest yet most effective of ways.  Many have already recognised that we have a unique opportunity to grasp the tentative shoots of a kinder, more positive and ultimately more productive working environment – where huge success and the ability to thrive and make the world a better place in which to live and work can be a true and realistic goal.

Opportunities to build resilience and create a culture of trust and responsibility

So, as we emerge from the chrysalis of lockdown into a world where change is everywhere, how do we, as leaders, inspire our people to make the most of the opportunities to build resilience, take ownership of their responsibilities and create a culture of trust as we move forward together to deliver outstanding, world-class service and outcomes within the workplace?  How can we ensure that optimism, effective communication and a positive attitude to change is deeply embedded in each team member’s psyche so that we can use it to ultimately transform every aspect of our working and personal lives, and make a significant difference to our people and everyone around us? How can we consolidate and harness a truly positive mindset across the board so that everyone can step up and learn to actually be the difference?

Personal development and wellbeing programmes to bounce back, embrace change and thrive …

As leaders, choosing to invest in our people to be the very best that they can be will reap dividends for any organisation with increased productivity across an empowered and motivated workforce.  People who are equipped with a solid skillset of personal development tools and reference points will have the confidence and capability to be resilient, inspired and open to change. Creativity and optimism will be the bedrock from which they embrace new challenges and find solutions individually or in collaboration with colleagues, ensuring success at every level.

The inclusion of wellbeing and employee assistance programmes are essential to underpin a healthy and flexible mindset and enable everyone to rise up to cope with anything that comes their way at work and at home.  They ensure increased self-awareness and provide people with the ability to take a step back, calmly self-assess and ensure they are fit, well and ready to face every challenge or obstacle they encounter – to effectively take the time to “Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others”.

Personal responsibility leads to optimum performance

Highly skilled and consistently supported people know how to communicate clearly, listen to truly understand and fully value each and every team member’s contribution, whether large or small.  They have the confidence and ability to persuade, influence and negotiate in an assertive yet non-defensive way, and with the appropriate level of empathy.  With a robust support and training programme embedded right across the workplace, it soon becomes natural for people to strive to succeed and enthusiastically play their part in achieving the organisation’s over-arching values and goals, while continuing to evolve and grow in line with their confidence and achievements.

Standing firm in the knowledge of an all-embracing, positive workplace culture and an optimal mindset across the board, each and every person will have everything they need to take ownership of the responsibilities they hold as an integral part of an overall team – allowing them to step forward with the confidence and capabilities to truly be that all important difference.

A priceless toolkit for a positive mindset

We have everything you need to achieve exactly this.  The MGI Learning Toolkit is a structured and engaging process of inspired learning experiences and enables people to thrive, whatever comes their way at work and at home.  It was created by Mary Gober, renowned global expert in customer service and employee engagement, and is designed to help leaders to increase their people’s resilience by developing strategies for coping with everything that comes their way at work and at home – providing options, alternatives and strategies to keep moving forward.  The Toolkit enables people to focus on their goals, keep moving forward, manage adversity and uncertainty and take pride in what’s achieved.  Our in-depth, proven Learning Journeys are inspiring and provide interactive, meaningful experiences whether delivered in person or online – and the ultimate in resilience and wellbeing.

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