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Mary Gober, co-founder of MGI Learning, is the creator of the Gober Method, the Mindset, Language and Actions of Service Toolkit and author of a number of books including The Art of Giving Quality Service.  She is a renowned expert in the field of employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

Mary dedicated her working life to empowering people to thrive both in work and in their lives outside work. Through her warm, motivating and engaging style, she inspired thousands of service givers, to improve the professionalism of their service provision, building higher levels of engagement and motivation to excel. During her career, she worked around the world delivering workshops to as many as 5,000 people at a time. Attending a Mary Gober event, resulted in unparalleled levels of commitment and motivation to do a great job and to deliver outstanding customer service in all circumstances. She instilled a belief in people that there is always a solution, a way forward, something that can be done, with her famous ‘Can Do Focus’.

At the heart of Mary’s customer service and employee engagement training lies her quote:  

"Everything you think, feel, say and do is either a service or a disservice to yourself and everyone around you."

Therefore all of her training equips people with the ability to self-manage, to develop an optimal mindset and the ability to show that mindset to others through positive solution-focused language and actions.

Over the years, Mary refined the Mindset, Language and Actions Toolkit, developed a global team of professional accredited trainers and partnered with Organisational Development Specialists who created the powerful, proven and robust approach to embedded learning that we deliver today. Our training is delivered around the world either in-person or virtually by the team of accredited consultants, or through online e-learning.

Mary was awarded a lifetime achievement award by the Customer Service Training Awards in 2010.

Having lived in the UK from 2000 to 2016, Mary remains an active advisor to the business now living in New York State in the US.

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