The world spins on service

The world spins on service


The world spins on service

6th October 2023

Customer Service Excellence

Here at MGI we understand that every aspect of service determines the quality of how we live and work, and that is why we believe the world spins on service. We’re all aware of the importance of good service and that every organisation claims to prioritise it. Considering this, do we truly connect with just how important service really is and how it affects every aspect of our lives?

Good service enriches our lives, propelling us to live a positive, more efficient and satisfying life, whereas poor service can hinder and frustrate us. When we are limited by poor or non-existent service, how our world is spinning can be seriously impacted resulting in potential disappointment and heightened negative emotions, as well as losing us time, money and opportunity.

Good service is essential to both our personal and professional worlds spinning in the right direction. In both worlds we can play two roles; whenever we interact with another person, we can be either a service giver or a service receiver. Let’s consider for a moment how well you play either of these roles, and how positively or negatively you influence how well your world spins.

In everyday conversations, service, particularly poor service, can be a hot topic. We readily evaluate and share the service experience we receive, whether in conversation or on social media and consider good service to be both an expectation and a right. When you reflect on how well or how badly your day went, do you connect specifically with the fact that how well you give service or help yourself to service has a major impact?

Service touches every aspect of our lives, from shops to restaurants, utility providers to broadband providers, childcare to schools, trains to buses, GP surgeries to the emergency services. That is why the world truly does spin on service. Consider the service you currently receive from some of your most important personal resources such as your bank, GP, maybe your children’s school, your dentist, a plumber or electrician, or your broadband provider. How do they measure up?

If your relationships with most of your key resources are satisfactory, life tends to flow more smoothly, and you are much more likely to get things done more efficiently. Of course, when service is poor, the opposite can be true.

To ensure that our worlds spin on service we need to have the skills to be the best service providers we can be, as well as the skills to be a better customer, passenger, patient, guest or tenant. Mastery of these skills will lead to a greater likelihood of everyone enjoying happier and more successful, harmonious interactions.

If we apply these principles to our professional lives, we can see how important it is to excel in our service towards our colleagues, customers and everyone we interact with at work. Having a positive, solution-focused mindset and the right language to communicate that mindset to others whatever comes our way will ensure that we are in the best position to take ownership and responsibility and truly make a difference.

MGI operates under the guiding principle that “everything you think, feel, say and do is either a service or a disservice to yourself and everyone around you” (Mary Gober). We work with organisations all over the world to equip their people with the tools and skills they need to ensure that everything they think, feel, say and do is a service and not a disservice when interacting with their customers, suppliers and each other. Having this mindset helps to provide excellent service to others as well as helping ourselves to deliver good customer service when we are the customer.

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