Ensure high levels of resident satisfaction in line with the Housing Ombudsman’s Complaint Handling Code

Proven, people-focused customer service training for social housing organisations.

Excel against the Levelling Up White Paper and the Housing Ombudsman’s updated Complaint Handling Code

We have a proven track record of over 20 years in equipping people in the UK housing sector to deliver customer service excellence, to thrive through change and build strong, resilient teams who can respond with respect to residents’ needs and demands.

Our results-driven Customer Service Excellence Training and Toolkit for housing equips people with everything they need to excel in their interactions with residents and colleagues. It helps them to be solution-focused from the outset,  to collaborate effectively and achieve reliable and satisfactory outcomes every time, in line with expectations of the updated Code.

Free strategy session to help you exceed the standards set out by the Housing Ombudsman

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Our Training and Toolkits transform resident experiences

Our unique Customer Service Excellence Training and Toolkit has been transforming customer service experiences across the UK housing sector for many years, putting the emphasis firmly on the people aspect of service with resident satisfaction and employee engagement at its heart. Training your people in our proven and practical Toolkit means you can be certain that they will:

  • have a solution-oriented mindset where they take ownership and responsibility and are optimistic that a way forward can always be found
  • be confident in their capabilities to listen, communicate well and build strong relationships with residents and colleagues
  • be equipped to put the people aspect of service at the heart of every interaction
  • have the skills and confidence to collaborate effectively with residents and colleagues at all levels
  • value and encourage other colleagues’ views and input where necessary, across teams and departments
  • welcome feedback as a positive learning opportunity
  • be highly motivated and productive, truly believing they make a difference to residents and colleagues
  • be determined to resolve residents’ issues swiftly and sensibly wherever possible before they escalate into more formal complaint situations

Checklist: 15 questions to help you excel against the Housing Ombudsman’s Complaint Handling Code

Use our checklist tool to complement the Ombudsman’s self-assessment and evaluate whether your culture and people capability will enable everyone to embrace the expected standards and positively deliver against them.

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