Building a service ethos to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction and NPS

Building a service ethos to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction and NPS


Building a service ethos to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction and NPS

An increase in NPS or other customer satisfaction measures is one of the most common metric improvements that MGI customers are looking to achieve through their investment in MGI training. We frequently hear of organisations becoming stuck at 20 or 30 NPS or 70 and 80% customer satisfaction and there seems to be an artificial ceiling that organisations reach. To power through that ceiling and consistently perform at a higher level, there must be something that differentiates you – something that makes you stand out in your expertise and ability to handle any customer interaction.

To reach the higher levels of satisfaction requires a consistency and certainty that your people are equipped to handle any request, question, complaint or criticism that they encounter in a positive, confident and solution-oriented manner. 

This is accomplished by giving everyone a set of skills that enables them to:

  • Have an optimal mindset of ownership and responsibility with a genuine belief that all feedback is invaluable, that there is a way forward, a solution or compromise to be found and that they do make a difference in every interaction they have with customers and each other.
  • Demonstrate that mindset through what they say and do using a suite of language and action tools so that customers are completely certain of the service focus and the collaborative, empathetic and ethical ethos that your organisation lives by.

Take a moment to lift the lid off your organisation and look at how people communicate and interact with each other and customers. Consider how well they demonstrate this mindset through their language and actions. If you believe that your service ethos and style  is always to look for a solution and to help customers and colleagues find a way forward – even when you’re not able to do exactly what the customer wants; there is something we can do including expressing empathy and moving to action – then every conversation, letter or email you send should begin with what’s possible, something empathetic or appreciative. This Positive 1st style should continue throughout the interaction to truly demonstrate that everyone is ready and equipped to deliver the highest levels of service every time. It is possible to observe and audit this behaviour. In our experience, when you achieve 75% compliance with solution-orientated Positive 1st Communication, your service metrics shift. 

MGI’s Mindset, Language & Actions Toolkit can help you increase your NPS or other service metrics by mapping out the results you want to achieve through equipping people to demonstrate your organisation’s service ethos while their own personality shines through. Our Toolkit approach is observable, measurable and coachable, providing everyone with motivating and empowering skills which, when used collectively, guarantee improvements in customer satisfaction measures.

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