Squeeze the most value out of your
Mindset, Language & Actions Toolkit

We are committed to our clients getting the maximum value from the MGI tools that you have invested in. That’s why we have been working on solutions to help you do just that – easily and cost effectively. 

When you think about the use of the Toolkit in your organisation, how alive is it? When you engage with your people, do you see them consistently operating from a position of ‘the Black’? Do you see them proactively using the Responsibility & Choice Circles to assess the situations they find themselves in and then using the Power Questions to problem solve, find solutions and a way forward? Do they consistently use Positive 1st Communications to portray Ownership & Responsibility, Optimism and a determination to really make a difference?

We can support you in the following ways to help your teams collectively and consistently use the tools so you see the most value from them:

  • Implement the MGI Learning Plan on a Page Embedding Blueprint.
  • Give your team members access to our new online eLearning or embedding activities.
  • In-person or virtual refresher training.
  • 1-2-1 Coaching.

You can read more details on these services below, and if you would like to see a further uplift in your business metrics, we would be delighted to help!  To find out more about engaging your team members with refresher activities and bringing your Plan on a Page to life, please contact us via the form below for a one-to-one conversation.

Some metric improvements our customers have experienced… 

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Increase in Net Promoter Score
0 %
Increase in first contact complaint resolution
0 %
Improvement in employee engagement
0 %
Reduction in complaints

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Embed the tools with your people and see your metrics shift

Over the last few years evidence from our clients shows that consistent use of the Tools drives improvements in business metrics. A 50 point increase in Net Promoter Score, 54% increase in first point of contact complaint resolution, 11% improvement in employee engagement are just 3 examples of the improvements that have been cited. These improvements come when there is a consistent use of the toolkit which creates a truly customer-focused, ownership and responsibility culture where people feel valued and know they do really make a difference.

There is a clear process to achieve metric shift, which we have produced to make embedding the use of the tools straightforward and effective. It is represented as a Plan on a Page and we would be delighted to share it with you.  By implementing this Plan on a Page in your organisation, taking part in some targeted refresher activities, you will be able to truly squeeze the most value out of the tools and see improvements in your business measures. 

Our eLearning programme can be implemented quickly and easily and is perfect for both remote and office workers and staff on furlough.

Energise your teams with our embedding, training and coaching services

Implement the MGI Learning Plan on a Page Embedding Blueprint: We have consolidated the experience we have in implementing major learning programmes around the world into a proven, powerful embedding process. It helps you refocus on the ways in which the MGI Toolkits can enhance behaviours in your organisation, which is then the catalyst for improved business performance.

Give your team members access to our new online eLearning or embedding activities: We have created our very own Learning Management System which holds a wealth of embedding and refresher activities and also a full-blown eLearning programme of the Mindset, Language & Actions tools. Using this resource to refresh and deepen knowledge, or to train new starters or those on furlough, is a cost effective and enjoyable way for everyone to get more value out of the tools.

In-person or virtual refreshers: Would your team benefit from the boost that our team of Consultants could give them? In a half day refresher session, the team can re-energise your people and help them to see how using the tools consistently, and with sophistication, can take them to even higher levels of professionalism and service excellence.

1-2-1 Coaching: Recently we have broadened our coaching offerings to our clients following requests for support.  We have 3 options to suit any learning style and all of them can be used to dramatically improve performance. Whilst many are managing working from home and facing new demands, having a coach to help to clarify and define stretching goals and provide support to achieve these goals is proving very popular. We would be pleased to offer a complimentary discovery session with one of our team to show the value this coaching brings.

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