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“MGI training is the best customer service programme I’ve ever come across. I love the  way it’s about people focusing on how to make a difference.”

 Paul Hackett, CEO, Optivo

Built on 20 years of experience.
Trusted by organisations large and small.

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About our training

Our Customer Service training, using our Mindset, Language & Actions Toolkit, will help everyone in your team to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

  • Everyone will have access to our engaging and easy to use online Learning Journey which includes a range of embedding and sustaining activities.
  • The Mindset, Language & Actions Tools are easy to learn and developed so the names of the tools become part of the language of your organisation  – and they are measurable, observable and coachable.
  • To ensure the training really sticks, your people are supported to implement the embedding actions using our Embedded Learning Blueprint.

Delivered in a way that works for you

Online Learning

Interactive modular content via
MGI Learning Online. Perfect for remote teams and home-workers.

Blended Learning

Engaging solutions combining
online, digital resources with
in-person activities

In-person Delivery

Inspiring, interactive in-person delivery using our Learning Consultants or your own accredited team members

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