Customer Excellence Programme

Advancing customer excellence skills for graduates of MGI’s Mindset, Language & Actions Toolkit training.

This programme will equip participants who are trained already in the MGI Learning 1 day Mindset, Language & Actions Toolkit with greater confidence and capability in building trusted relationships with customers. It will equip them with additional practical and immediately useable tools to drive greater ability to connect, influence and engage with others, growing confidence in the ‘people’ aspects of building strong relationships to complement technical capability. All of these skills will help gain excellent scores against any of your customer metrics and also boost employee engagement scores by giving additional tools to do a great job.

Introducing our Advanced Customer Service Programme

Our new Customer Excellence programme delivers advanced customer service skills to add further sophistication to the way everyone in your organisation interacts with customers and each other. The programme is delivered over four, half-day modules or two full day sessions and starts with a refresh and deepening of the core Mindset, Language & Actions tools. Additional tools are added to create a powerful system where the participants can select and use the appropriate tool, or combination of tools, to achieve the best experience for their customer.  Finally in the ‘ready, set go’ session, participants practise the use of the tools in scenarios relevant to their roles so they are completely confident to consistently use them in all of their service interactions with customers and colleagues alike.

To tailor the programme to your specific customer context, an MGI Consultant would undertake straightforward discovery meetings to ensure the appropriate understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing your teams in excelling in their service delivery. At the end of the programme they will be equipped to excel in building relationships of high trust tailored to customer needs to deliver your business goals.

The Programme can be delivered virtually using Zoom/MS Teams and is usually delivered in four, three and a half hour workshops.

Stage 1 - Advanced Customer Service Skills

Building on the 1-day Mindset, Language & Actions programme, this module refreshes and deepens understanding and use of the core MGI tools for customer excellence. Participants will gain a renewed enthusiasm for the tools seeing the added value they bring.

Advanced skills to strengthen relationships through questioning, listening and powerful communication are introduced. All the tools help to further refine and perfect the art of Positive 1st Communication, the tipping point for Customer Excellence.

Participants will gain a greater understanding of their own and others preferences allowing them to flex their style a bit for better and higher trust relationships. Applying this model to the Customer Excellence Toolkit builds stronger relationships.

To drive improvements in customer satisfaction and employee engagement scores requires consistent and collective use of the Customer Excellence tools. This module consolidates the learning and builds commitment and buy-in to use them!

Stage 2 - Outcomes Review

Continuing with the focus on consistent and collective use of the tools, participants will take ownership for their learning. They take part in three activities over three months to deepen their use of the Toolkit and demonstrate their capability to use it.

Delivered in a way that works for you

Virtual Learning

The Programme can be delivered virtually using Zoom/MS Teams and is delivered in four, three and a half hour workshops.

In-person Delivery

Alternatively, we offer the option of an in-person delivery. This option is delivered in two, one-day workshops with adapted intervening work.

Please get in touch to discuss how this programme will help your people excel in their service delivery.