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As a customer of MGI Learning, you know our proven psychology-based, behavioural training solutions help equip your people to embrace business change and thrive through it.  Effective execution is key to the success of any change programme and that’s why we love Tangible Growth and why we want to tell you about it.

Our trusted, experienced employee engagement expert, Philip Bush, a long-term consultant to MGI, is working with the innovative Tangible Growth methodology to help organisations fast track strategy execution and build high performance cultures.  Coupled with MGI’s Transformational Change training solutions, we think this is a robust collaboration that is not to be missed.

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About Tangible Growth

Tangible Growth is a leadership methodology built around the driving force of every organisation – their people.  Working with people within organisations, they activate, clarify and engage strategy and change execution at every level. 

State-of-the-art digital execution

Tangible Growth recognise that for any change to be effective and sustained, the right culture and mindset need to be in place. 

Through their digital tool, Tangible Growth enables organisations to nurture and develop these while executing change at the same time.  Their platform always ensures there is honest and reflective dialogue by providing a transparent way to communicate across the organisation, both with teams and individuals. 

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Their customers now have…

  • Clarity about their strategy and the big picture
  • Greater alignment
  • More effective performance dialogue
  • Real time view of performance and confidence
  • Focus on customer outcomes and impact

By taking Tangible Growth into use you can save costs, increase your organisational clock speed and increase employee engagement. 

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