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The 7 naughty mistakes of networking

Networking is the single most powerful business development and personal brand building tool available to us today. With it, one can get access to and win higher value clients or build a powerful and influential personal brand within the wider organisation.

Many business professionals, managers and leaders however, have never been properly trained in the techniques of personal contact networking or learned how to approach someone correctly at an event, create instant rapport, build instant trust and access key people. 

Seán Weafer is an international speaker, high performance coach and presenter who helps experts, professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs become highly trusted, influential and inclusive networkers, presenters, business developers and leaders. His Expert2Influencer system has been proven to deliver practical and measurable improvements in business results by changing experts into compelling and powerful influencers, leaders and client advisors.

We can show you how to avoid the 7 Naughty Mistakes of Networking, plus:

  • Lose the fear of networking forever
  • Successfully introduce yourself to strangers
  • Develop excellent people engagement and conversational skills
  • Gain an understanding of group dynamics when networking
  • ‘Park’ people ethically and professionally and move on to new conversations
  • Explore how to qualify contacts and follow up to get a meeting every time...

and understand the key preparations you need to undertake before attending networking events. Contact us now to find our more.

In the meantime, why not take a look at our 7 Naughty Mistakes of Networking and see how many you recognise!