Mary Gober International

Measuring success.

When you're considering MGI Learning, you want to be sure that your investment will be worthwhile. Here's where you can find out how we measure success and why you can trust us to deliver the results you're after.

By developing people's mindset, language and actions, their behaviours change and business results are enhanced. Because mindset, language and actions are observable, they are measurable both before and after the training.

Depending on your project, we might take quantitative or qualitative measurements, or both. The decision will depend on variables such as: 

  • Any metrics you already have in place (the baseline)
  • Your timescale
  • Relevance of your existing metrics to the desired behaviour change
  • Metrics that deliver real benefit to your organisation
  • External factors

Here is a snapshot of some of the results we've achieved across the five key metrics we usually measure.


  • One client saved £8m in three years. Another recouped £760,000 in overdue rent. A third went from a loss of $1m to a profit of $1.2m in just 12 months.
  • One client got ROI of 300% in the first six months due to reduced customer attrition after our training. Another was able to eliminate their recruitment budget altogether because the resulting cultural shift put them into 'The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For'.

Operational effectiveness

  • One client reduced complaints by 20%, another halved handling time to ten days and a third increased first-time resolution by 3%. Within a month, escalations to managers reduced by 45%, equivalent to saving £97,000 p.a. Over three years, customer attrition fell from 32% to 7%. The client cited our method as a major contributor.
  • For another client, absenteeism dropped by 25% and staff attrition by 7%. 

Regulatory or benchmarked performance

  • An insurance and financial services client was ranked first in the top 50 UK Contact Centres for three years running. The Audit Commission granted 3-star status to a social housing client (up from 1-star) and tenants posted improved satisfaction scores in surveys.

Customer satisfaction

  • With compliments up by 300% and complaints down by 34%, it's no surprise one client got a 50-point increase in their Net Promoter Score. Another client boosted their customer satisfaction rating by 13%. An IT department went from 85% to 100% in internal customer satisfaction for nine months in a row.
  • When compared with a control group, the team using the MGI tools scored 10% higher customer satisfaction.

Employee engagement

  • At 79%, employee engagement was the highest ever recorded for one of our clients.
  • 12 weeks after the training, another had an average 9% increase in employee engagement scores. 95% said they were 'proud to work for the company' and 89% wanted to 'perform at the best level they could'. For another client, staff turnover dropped from 30% to 12.8% over two years, while staff satisfaction increased from 65% to 85%.