High Performance Coaching

Effective performance coaching for employees, leaders and teams to help focus on purposeful goals to maximise effectiveness, productivity and promote wellbeing.

Coaching to transform your business

Taking some time to focus on what needs to be done and why and providing this opportunity for your team as well is one of the most effective and forward-thinking actions you can take right now. Working remotely and the changing opportunities and pressures at work during the last 12 months has seen a rise in the realisation of the benefits of coaching as a tool to keep engagement and performance high. Leaders and Managers have grappled with the technological and people management challenges and opportunities that this new way of working has presented.

Coaching has become a go to tool for many leaders wanting to support their managers and team members, to ensure they are clearly focused on the business needs and goals and expand their capability to perform at their best.  The current demand for flexibility, resilience and creativity, at all levels, presents opportunities and challenges that are new to most people.  Whether your business is seeing a rise in demand for your services or whether you are needing to think creatively about how to adapt and survive, having regular focused coaching sessions will help to gain clarity, burst through barriers and achieve more than you could ever believe possible.

Selecting the right coaching process

Selecting the right coaching process and also the person to partner with as a coach can be personal. What works best varies from person to person, therefore we offer three coaching systems drawing on the experience and methods from our expert team.  

3 proven coaching approaches

The G2S (Global to Specific) Coaching System, designed by Sean Weafer, provides a highly structured and measurable process which identifies and consistently delivers on strategic and performance goals. The first step in assessing the value of this coaching is to book a complimentary 1 hour discovery call coaching session. At the end of this session, you will have clearly identified the two most important objectives for you to work on should you decide to progress to a full coaching programme.

The IMTD Coaching Model, designed by Kelly Iriondo (Principal Consultant) and inspired by Mary Gober’s Mindset, Language & Actions Toolkit, focuses on individual contribution and growing capability to achieve personal and organisational objectives. The first step in this process is a consultation with one of our accredited coaches to plan out your programme.

Working with Transformational Coach Louise Southam, MGI Learning is delighted to add a further offering to our coaching portfolio. Louise’s coaching approach starts with a process of in-depth self-discovery including psychometric assessment (Clarity 4D and Motivational Maps).  Through exploring your aspirations and goals and gaining a clear understanding of what is important to you and what you would like to change, Louise guides you through an exploration of discovery, unravelling the barriers and obstacles to the attainment and progress you aspire to, resulting in true transformation of performance, success, happiness and fulfilment.  Enhanced self-awareness and self-management skills lead to significant improvements in your understanding of others and a long-lasting, positive impact on your leadership style and potential.

Complimentary coaching discovery call

To gain an insight into our coaching approaches we offer a complimentary discovery call with one of our team. During this session, you will experience one of our three coaching approaches to ensure that this will be the best fit for you or your team and their needs.

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