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One of our Australian launch customers in 2011 was Qantas. We started working with new Cabin Crew recruits and based on the results from these groups, the decision was made to roll out a programme to all Crew in February 2012. 

The success of the programme led us to work with other departments within Qantas which included Contact Centre staff, Engineering, Customer Care, On-line Sales, Safety, Loyalty, Commercial Planning and Crew based in New Zealand, USA and Dubai.

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Our latest programme is called 'Creating Connections' and is being attended by Domestic Crew, Ground Staff and Lounges and international Crew and Ground Staff in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Additionally, Qantas continues to partner with MGI Learning as part of their embedding programme. They recognise that bringing staff together annually helps to keep their service culture alive.



The Net Promoter Score has improved by 41 points since the training started.


The most recent Investors’ Report confirms record levels of customer advocacy and the value of the investment in the customer service training. Employee engagement is at an all time high of 79%.